Friends Volunteer

Offering support and companionship to home-bound seniors experiencing the effects of social isolation.

Phone Friends

Phone Friends call their assigned senior on a regular basis to provide a friendly voice and conversation. These calls are also reassurance checks. If an elder does not answer his or her phone at the scheduled time, the volunteer will call the office with a report. We then start procedures to locate the senior to assure they are in good health and safe.

Visiting Friends

Visiting Friends get together with their senior once a week to play games, enjoy a chat, and go out for a drive, meal or shopping. They are our eyes and ears in the senior’s home, reporting any concerns or unmet needs, so we can then follow up to assure the elder is comfortable and safe, and not suffering from neglect.

Lend-A-Hand Volunteers

Lend-A-Hand volunteers will schedule visits as needed to do small repair jobs or chores such as light yard work, gardening, snow removal. Volunteers can also take the senior to run errands or to attend special events.

Requesting a Friend

If you’re interested in becoming a client of the Friends Program, first please review the criteria (Criteria – Clients 2011 (PDF)), and then fill out an client application (Client Application – Friends Program (PDF)) or call the Friends Coordinator at 259-3111.

Volunteer to be a Friend

Volunteering is a great way to make a new friend and enrich the life of an at-risk senior. Click here to find out more about volunteering.

Edith’s Story

Do you like to shop? So does Edith. Edith is 90 years old. She has been a widow for a number of years and gets infrequent visits from her children. Edith recently underwent surgery followed by inpatient rehab. She also has severe macular degeneration. Edith is very lonely and being unable to see or get around easily she feels extremely isolated. Edith needs a friend who will encourage her to stay active and ease her loneliness.

The Friends Volunteer Program provides security and social interaction for seniors who are home-bound or otherwise isolated. For over a decade our volunteers have generously given their time and their hearts to enrich the lives of our elderly clients. In the process they’ve reinforced the spirit of cooperation in our neighborhoods, contributed to the well-being of our seniors and developed lasting friendships.

The Friends Volunteer Program currently has clients waiting for a friend like you. Applicants must have a generous nature, be committed to enriching the life of a senior, and be willing to make a new friend!

For more information on the Friends Volunteer Program, please email or call the Friends Coordinator at 259-3111.