Rita’s Story

Rita is 74 years old and has been a client of BSSS, Senior Helping Hands for the last 5 years. When first meeting Rita it’s hard not to be taken back by her passion for life and outgoing personality. When she was asked to be our featured client for this quarter’s newsletter she jumped at the opportunity.

Rita is a full blooded Greek, and 1st generation American. Her parents both immigrated to America from Greece. She was raised in a formal church setting, and believes that her religion and God led her to where she is today. Her dream growing up was to become a famous dress designer, but she says that God had other plans for her and she wouldn’t give up her beautiful family for anything. She did however get to design and make most of hers, and her family’s clothes up until her children were in junior high. Rita enjoys watching fashion shows on TV and can’t believe how “daring” the designers have become.

Rita is a mother of 4 (3 boys and 1 girl), a grandmother of 7 and a great-grandmother of 6. She was married twice and is more than willing to tell you that she has been happily single for 37 years. She spent most of her life in Arizona, and Montana and a couple of years in California. She has spent the last 14 years as a Foster Grandmother for children who were not receiving the emotional care they needed.

A proud member of the Christian Coalition, American Center for Law and Justice, and a founder of the Grandad’s and Grannies “Cool”ition, not coalition. She spends much of her time writing and calling her state senators and congressman to voice her opinion. Rita’s goal for the Grandad’s and Grannies “Cool”ition is to help America’s youth clean up the garbage and pave the way for a better America.

Big Sky Senior Services helps Rita with her grocery shopping each month. “If it wasn’t for Senior Helping Hands I would have to carry my groceries on the bus, and now that I have a cane, I don’t know if I would have any groceries.” Rita believes that without the service our program provides, a lot of seniors in Billings wouldn’t survive. “We can use all the help we can get at our age.” The program also meets her individual needs, like making sure her home is safe, and that she gets out of her home for socialization.

Her greatest achievement in life is that she raised her kids to be respectful of themselves and others, and to follow Jesus. Rita’s goal for the future is to stay on her political soap box until Jesus returns. She is also looking to find work part-time as greeter, and will go wherever God wants her to be.